I been searching high and low from the web & youtube relating to this qus of mine for weeks and have yet to found one.

Basically, I want to create 360 world like this:

https://www.facebook.com/leehsienloong/posts/3273204799408870 https://veervr.tv/photos/ajisa-%E7%9A%84%E7%85%A7%E7%89%87-8374

And in order for me to convert to the above, I need equirectanglar image of a spherical panorama version of the image involved.

(I know 360 camera can easily create that) but right now Im not talking about that, I am talking about randomly finding the images I like off google and then convert them to equirectangle (e.g. like the 2 links below) before converting them to 360.



You guys are the expect, would appreciate if someone can really guide me along, I am willing to pay for this if need be.

So my question is if its possible to randomly grab non spherical panorama photo from google image and convert them into 1? Looking forward to your responses... u can even email me at ivano7296@gmail.com. Thanks a zillion.

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