Say I have the following layout:

----Left Component--Central Component--Right Component---

The parent component has a fixed width. I'd like Figma to auto-resize the width of left component and the right component based on available space, that is, the parent's width minus the central component's width. In CSS, I can achieve this via the flex-grow property.

Is there an equivalent in Figma?

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Figma got this feature recently and it's called Auto Layout v3. You can find more info on Figma's own blog and learn more of it on Figma's YouTube Channel.


As of this thread on Reddit, it seems that this is not possible, as of June 2020 at least.

  • Yup, the responsiveness in Figma and Xd has its limitations.
    – Luciano
    Jun 22, 2020 at 10:26

You can do this with auto-layout

Set the left and right components inside the auto layout to have a "resize". setting for "Fill container". Then changing the width of the middle component will shrink and expand the side components to fill the width of the parent container.

--Left Component (resize: Fill Container)
--Central Component (resize: Default Setting)
--Right Component (resize: Fill Container)--

enter image description here

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