I'm working on a packaging project with a minimalist aesthetic on a 1oz dropper. The problem I have is my client has so much text it's hard to execute a minimalist vibe with maximum text (they have a reallllly long list of ingredients, directions, etc).

Does anyone have experience tech-packing or designing labels where you 'peel off' the label to reveal ingredients or directions for extra room / know what's that called / knows what that .ai template would look like?

Has anyone ever suggested or designed with an additional 'tag' or care-card of ingredients/directions rather than on the actual label?

Any other ideas for solutions? Thanks!

  • I can tell you that, in medtech, labeling for small devices (think diabetes glucose meters) is always much longer than can fit on the packaging. The detailed instructions, warnings, warranties, ingredients, and whatnot that are needed on this type of labeling are almost always on a tightly folded package insert. The design of those pieces is almost never about aesthetics and often not even really designed -- a product manager might create the file in Word or Pages or some such thing, throw caution to the wind and send it straight to the printer. – rgtgd Jun 25 '20 at 23:41

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