(Inkscape 1.0/windows10)

While looking for a way to merge "overlapping" nodes of the flipped duplicated copy with the original object,(converting objects to path and selecting), and joining these overlapping nodes with the "Join selected nodes" option,the nodes just don't merge into a single node and break apart when pulled.

It does work in the first attempt , but in latter attempts it doesn't.

Why does "join selected nodes" into a single node not work and what over alternatives are there for this operation?

enter image description here


"Join" does not mean "merge" or "combine". Join refers to connecting two nodes with a path between them.

Typically you can't "merge" two nodes into one.

I'm not an Inkscape user, but in most apps, you want to join the two nodes, then delete one of the nodes (retaining the path) if the goal is a single node.

In your animation, a single node is not possible. Bezier anchors can only have 2 path connectors and in and an out --- in your animation a single node would require 4 paths. That is not possible. It is an inherent limitation in almost all Bezier vector applications.

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  • In Inkscape ," join selected nodes " means merging of selected nodes into a single node(path's shape is preserved) refer inkscape-manuals.readthedocs.io/en/latest/node-operations.html – Starzar Jun 28 at 8:30
  • @Starzar - no you are misinterpreting what is being said here. You cannot join (or merge) a node in the middle of a path to another node on another path. It's not possible in Inkscape or any vector image editor. In vector graphics only the end nodes of two paths can be joined. – Billy Kerr Jun 28 at 9:07

You can not create nonmanifold geometry. One can not just merge any node with any other node. You can only merge the endpoints or adjacent nodes together.

The modeling paradigm of 2D vector drawing applications only allows you to do the allmost minimal set of that make sense for the rendering engine. The fact that you wish to do something is irrelevant for the rendering model. It is in fact the other way around your job is to turn your model into the rendering engines view of things.

Inkscape is just simply a direct modeller. You directly model the underlying rendering. Indirect modeling tools also exist but in practice people have harder time learning to use them.

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