Is there a way to hyperlink and image or text in Figma to be clickable when exported as a PDF? Thanks in advance.

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The tricky solution I came up with: Put text over the image that is the same size as image, hyper link it to desired link, put opacity of font at 0%. Worked like a charm.

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Put a text box over it, command+k, paste link, make text transparent.

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Like @user2980368 said, your only alternative is to put some text on top of your image, link it and make it transparent.

Unfortunately, while you cannot directly link images in Figma, there is a workaround. The only way to add a link to an image in Figma would be to create a text layer on top of the image with a link, and make it transparent or only type spaces in it.

Source: https://8designers.com/blog/how-do-i-add-a-link-to-a-figma-image

Disclaimer: I wrote the article.


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