A rectangle that you can drag around.

I want to create a rectangle that I can move by clicking and dragging it. The rectangle stays in place after I stop dragging it.

Using Adobe Animate CC with html5 canvas, how can this be done?

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var root = this;
var rec = root.rec;


rec.on("mousedown", function(e)
    e.currentTarget.offsetX = stage.mouseX / stage.scaleX - e.currentTarget.x;
    e.currentTarget.offsetY = stage.mouseY / stage.scaleY - e.currentTarget.y;

rec.on("pressmove", function(e)
    e.currentTarget.x = stage.mouseX / stage.scaleX - e.currentTarget.offsetX;
    e.currentTarget.y = stage.mouseY / stage.scaleY - e.currentTarget.offsetY;

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