I’m trying to align a N-gon polygon face in a model with an edge between two specific vertices in another object. Is there an easy way to align the entire face with the edge by rotating it only on one axis (World-Y, for instance)? I don’t want any other faces to move (other than those connected, of course) - in other words, I’m not interested in moving/aligning the entire object, just one face in its geometry. Eyeballing the rotation produces less than ideal results.

  • You know general 3D questions are not really within topic here. This has nothing to do with graphic design. Anyway be ready to wait for a long time as the amount of 3D users here is quite low. Anyway i seem to recall there was atleast 4 alternate tools for this you or you can just do it directly with the transform by moving the pivot (d) and middlemouse snapping. – joojaa Jul 18 '20 at 7:54

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