I have a Xd document for mobile app where the designer has developed it @3x (e.g. at 1125 × 2436 px rather than 375 × 812). That’s fine to get a sense of the look and feel. And when exporting assets for development team, I can specify the scale the designer used, that’s not the challenge.

The issue is that that as developers are implementing, they can’t just take the values in the Xd document, but rather have to divide everything by 3 when selecting the appropriate font size/style, specifying spaces and sizing of controls, etc. Worse, Apple’s Xd design resources are designed at @1x, so integrating those into our Xd doc is a challenge. I contemplated refactoring our Xd document’s artboards to @1x to simplify the life for the developers and to simplify use of Apple’s Xd resources. But I’m not seeing how one would do that (without resizing each artboard manually and then adjusting all of the objects contained therein manually).

Thus the question: How do I rescale artboard and the objects within it from @3x to @1x? I know how to change size of artboards (both with and without “responsive resize”), but I don't just want to resize, but I want to scale everything in it (including x, y, width, height, font size, etc.), too. (I did notice, though, that one can go to a numeric size attribute and add “/3” at the end, and it does the conversion, which is better than doing the math myself.)

I’ve been searching for answers online regarding resizing/scaling, and they all seem to focus on the tactical “how to change artboard size” or “how to resize individual object”. I can’t believe that there aren’t others that have had to deal with this problem, so I’m wondering if I’m overlooking some obvious Xd feature or plugin to handle some automated rescaling of the artboard and the objects within it.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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