I have a number of triangles that I have loosely created with the pen tool. They have no fill but a stroke of 0.25pt. Is there anyway the points themselves can have a different stroke size? Like 1pt?

Roughly this would look like: o.....o, where the o is a pen tool point and the ... is a line that connects the points.

  • Whats wrong with adding a 1pt circle on centered on each point – joojaa Aug 1 at 16:35
  • I suppose that's one way to go about it, but I would have to redo everything since there are hundreds of points right now. Just wondering if this is possible at the moment. – Matthew Lerner Aug 1 at 16:44
  • No there is no such builtin you can script it. – joojaa Aug 1 at 17:53

There's a script that can do this.

Scroll down this page on Design Tuts Plus to find the one named "Dup at Selected Anchors".

Download it and extract the .js file contained in the zip. Save it somewhere you can easily find it again*.

In Illustrator draw a triangle or any shape with the pen tool or a shape tool, then draw a filled small circle. Select both circle and shape. Click File > Scripts > Other script, and locate the script you saved previously, and run it.

Copies of the circle will be placed at all the anchor points of the shape

Here's an example using a star shape and a circle.

enter image description here

In case of link rot, here's the page on web.archive.org

*Note: Alternatively you can save the script in your Adobe Illustrator scripts folder. Then you can access it directly by going to File > Scripts, and it should be listed.

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