I started with this photo of a power tower, wanting to make a four pointed star out of it. enter image description here I have cropped it in Lightroom to be as centered and vertical as I could do by eye. My approach was to export to Photoshop, rotate 45 degrees, and do a rectangular crop of the base so that four copies would fit together nicely. The problem was that the piece of the tower hitting the edge was a different width on the two sides. I copied the cropped piece, pasted into another layer, merged visible and this is what I got, (cropped to get below the 2MiB limit). enter image description here
The corners do not match. I got by that by mirroring instead of rotating, but I would like to know how to make the cuts match.


It's not perfectly symmetric because it's shot and adjusted by eye. Do not try to clip it, mix the branches.

Make 3 copied layers which are rotated clockwise 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Let the copies have layer blending mode = Darker color. It takes the darkest part to the mix in the overlap area:

enter image description here

The layers are placed easily if you have View > Snap and Snap to Layers =ON. The whole image still needs rotating 45 degrees.

Some careful warping could fix the image for your original clipping idea. I skip it.

But it's very easy to make perfectly symmetric by using only a half of the tower 8 times. I tried it in Illustrator.

Rotate the photo carefully with a vertical guide so that the top needle is vertical and split the wanted 1/8 of the final star apart. I drew a clipping mask. Make flipped and rotated copies and drag them together.

enter image description here

One piece is selected to show it's made of pieces.

Perfectly fitting seams unfortunately have 1 px wide transparent zone due the antialiasing. A grey circle behind the star makes the seam invisible.

NOT ASKED: I guess the sky isn't good with seams, wires and total 4 suns behind the branches. I would remove the background and insert a new one which could be for ex a radial gradient and extended wires.

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