I copy and paste a table from Microsoft Word into InDesign and select Text to Table.

However, the resulting table is transposed diagonally.

A solution may be to use Excel to transpose the data first. If I open Excel and right-click > paste special > there is no Transpose option.

I am using Microsoft Office for Mac.

Previous Text to Table conversions from the same Word doc have been fine.

Is there a native method for transposing tables in InDesign?

If not, can you suggest some ideas for how to avoid the table being transposed after Text to Table please?

Help appreciated.

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    INDD's Convert Text to Table is not supposed to change the flow of imported data, unless there is something wrong with the data itself. Can you edit and add screenshots of your Word data and what it looks like in INDD after importing ? – Lucian Aug 31 '20 at 6:53

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