I just got a draw.io file (from https://app.diagrams.net/ or the app, draw.io-13.6.2-windows-installer.exe which can be downloaded from the same page), which I try to edit in the app, and I've noticed this in a text box:

enter image description here

What is that + in the box on the left? I cannot delete it as a character; if I click it, it toggles to - (so apparently it is meant to expand something - but it is pointless here, there is just one word in the box).

So what is this + for - and how do I get rid of it?

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Ok, figured it out - if you select that text box, right-click it and choose Edit Style, you get this box:

enter image description here

All you have to do is delete the container=1; part, click Apply - and the + sign will disappear.

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