In Indesign is there a way to setup various tints or opacities of the same Pantone Spot colour as separate discrete swatches? It would be helpful for me as I would like to set up a Data Merge function that would actively search out different tonalities of said spot colour swatch in an automated way.

  • What software are you using? I supposed InDesign in my answer becasue that's my app of choice. ^^'
    – Vincent
    Sep 4, 2020 at 10:48

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Select the PMS color that you would like to save a tint of.

Open your Color Palette and set the percent of the swatch to the percent that you would like to save.

Click on on the stacked lines in the upper right of the Color Palette and select Add to Swatches.

Add to Swatches

The tint will now show up in your Swatches Palette like this:

Swatch Palette

You can repeat this for as many tints as you want.


Yes, these are called 'Tint Swatches'. Select your Pantone Swatch, set its tint to a non-100 percentage, then open the Swatches palette's options. You should be able to choose the 'New Tint Swatch' option there.

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