Version 4 ICC Profiles were converted to version 2 ICC Profiles during PDF Export error Indesign


I am currently trying to export a file from Indesign into a PDF, however, I am getting the following errors:

Version 4 ICC Profiles were converted to version 2 ICC Profiles during PDF Export.

Followed by:

Failed to Export the PDF file.

I looked this up and came across this forum on Adobe help centre. Following the answers on there, I isolated the issue to Page 5 (which has a number of images). However, the forum suggested the problem was having an RGB image on a CMYK, but all my images on my file seem to be RGB (No CMYK) and since there is only an issue with one page, this must not be the issue.


Does anybody know why this error keeps happening? How can I fix it or if need be override it to create the PDF?

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Without knowing anything about the color profile your images have I can't go into details with what is going on, but often when stuff like happens a quick and dirty fix might be to somehow save the files again.

If you can open the images in Photoshop, try to do this with each of them:

  • Open the image in Photoshop.
  • Convert the image to another RGB color profile like Adobe RGB.
  • Save the image.
  • Update the image in InDesign.

If that doesn't help there might be some strange file corruption going on. In that case it might be helpful to copy/paste each image into a new document of the same size, save them and relink in InDesign.

BTW: Having RGB images in a CMYK document is a perfectly normal thing and isn't the cause of the problem.


I found that when exporting, I had selected none for convert to profile. Once I changed to convert to destination I had no issues.


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