I'm trying to remove part of a graphic using clipping in Inkscape, but I can't manage to do it. I've tried all the options under Object > Clip and Object > Mask

The picture below illustrates the problem I have. enter image description here

  • I start with the image on the left.
  • The middle one is the result after clipping/masking (all the options give the same result )
  • On the right is what I want (I just changed the background color of the rectangle)

Note : I'm using Inkscape 1.0.1


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I suspect you want to use Object > Clip > Set inverse (LPE). The only thing is that it doesn't work properly on a text object because it isn't a path. However, you can convert the text to paths using Path > Object to Path, then the inverse clip should work.

Here's an example

enter image description here

If you want to mask editable text, then you'll need a different approach. In the example below I grouped a black rectangle, and a larger white rectangle behind it, to use as a mask. Place it over the text, select all and do Object > Mask > Set. Here the text remains as an editable text object.


enter image description here

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