I have two objects A and B in an Inkscape drawing with many other objects. At the moment A lays over B (i.e., A is higher in the z-ordering than B). I would like that the z-ordering swaps, that is, that B lays over A.

Because the drawing has many objects, it is burdensome to use the function Lower Selection or Raise Selection. I would like in one click to swap the z-ordering. Is that possible?

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In Inkscape (at least from v. 1.01) there is an extension that allows to do fancy reordering actions with selected objects: Restack.

Go in the menu bar to Extensions > Arrange > Restack, and then on the “Restack” dialog choose the tab “Based on Z-order” and the option “Reverse Z-Order” in “Restack Mode”.

That's it! A lot of time saved.

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