I'm an iOS developer trying to learn graphic design, currently using the free version of Figma. I just started and so far it's been lots of fun.

My problem is incorporating iOS system elements into my design, i.e. nav bars, status bars etc. I have no wish designing them myself, so I started looking for existing online designs and found many, some are free, like this. So I choose duplicate on the top right corner, and then move to project, and it is added to my project as a separate file.

The problem is that I cannot use the components within that file in another file, where I have my own design. I assume there's a way to do it or there would be no use for all this online libraries.



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Yes you can, you need to ensure the components you want to share are created as "components". Then you need to publish your file as a "library" so that other files can reference it.

Let me know if you need me to expand on certain areas.

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