This has been driving me mad for the past 2 hours. I am stuck in a course where I need to create a 1 pixel brush. Every time I define a brush preset, it doesn't work as expected. Anti aliasing is turned off in most options. I then use the magic wand (I tried the square marquee select as well, doesn't work). Then to Edit -> Define Brush Preset. The Brush says 1 pixel but it doesn't look like a square but rather a square with an arch on the bottom right. It worked fine earlier, a square 1 pixel brush, suddenly it does not. I have reset Photoshop to it's defaults and also Preferences -> General -> Nearest Neighbor.

1 pixel square using the pencil at 1px

Another student had the same problem but somehow resolved it themselves:

Blockquote Hi thanks for the reply! so i tried other brushes and they work. the pencil tool even with another 1 pix brush does 4 pixels and they are about 50 percent opacity. i will delete the brushes i made and try again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my problem, any help is deeply appreciated. Apologies for being a noob :(


The instructor did it without any problems

The reason to use the brush is I need to create an 8px horizontally and vertically brush.

EDIT 2 That is the result I get when defining a brush preset of 8 pixels vertically (on the left is the pencil tool, on the right is the brush preset)

  • Why can’t you use the Pencil tool? Brushes only could be 100% opaque in specific blend modes (dissolve) – Sergey Kritskiy Oct 17 '20 at 15:37
  • I need to create a 8px brush horizontally and vertically – Deodorant Oct 17 '20 at 15:39
  • So what’s the problem? Create a 8x8 brush and use this tip for Pencil tool – Sergey Kritskiy Oct 17 '20 at 15:42
  • That "instructor" image shows the Pencil Tool being used. – Scott Oct 17 '20 at 15:44
  • 1
    Perhaps.. but the brush was created with the Pencil Tool. Maybe you simply need to pay closer attention to instructions? Or watch what the instructor is actually doing more closely? – Scott Oct 17 '20 at 15:49

... use the Pencil Tool (Under the Brush Tool) for 1 pixel.

Brushes assume some smoothing is desired. The Pencil Tool won't.

Unless there's some reason I can't fathom, I don't know why
anyone would attempt to define a 1px brush.

  • I need to create a 8px brush horizontally and vertically – Deodorant Oct 17 '20 at 15:39
  • 1
    @Deodorant then why are you defining a 1px brush? Use the Pencil Tool to paint your 8px, then define a brush. And based upon that new image, your instructor IS using the Pencil Tool. – Scott Oct 17 '20 at 15:42
  • The 8px brush behaves like the 1px brush, it has anti aliasing or feathering around it – Deodorant Oct 17 '20 at 15:44
  • @Deodorant Create a square tip and use it for Pencil, not Brush tool – Sergey Kritskiy Oct 17 '20 at 15:45
  • 1
    @Scott sigh oh my goodness. that is correct. I feel like kicking my self in the head. Thank you everybody for your help and apologies for wasting your time. – Deodorant Oct 17 '20 at 15:52

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