For the last years I had a somehow cumbersome and inefficient workflow to write and layout scientific papers. I wrote them in Mellel or MS Word due to the structure/ouline functionality and exported the text to finally doing layout in Indesign. So my question is: are there plugins for indesign that provide a structure/outline view, so one can navigate easyily to different chapters and managing the hierarchy of chapters?

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    For the record, your workflow is the standard for academic publications (well, that or use LaTeX, primarily in natural sciences). There isn’t really a better way. As long as you make sure to set up your Word/Mellel/Whatever document in a consistent way and use paragraph and character styles for everything instead of a lot of manual overrides, getting it to look right in InDesign can be a fairly straightforward and quick task. Nov 21, 2020 at 23:19

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Adobe Indesign has a built in Story Editor, 2, 3. No need for any plugins, at least for the basics.

The Story Editor allows you to see content separated from the actual layout formatting.

I can't, in all confidence, state this may fill your specific needs entirely. However, it is something you should explore before looking to any third party items.

  • The Story Editor isn’t really comparable to the structure/outline view in Word or Mellel, which gives you a quick overview of all headings, etc., and allow you to easily jump back and forth between them, similar to the overview links in a Wikipedia article (but as a panel, rather than a list at the top of the document). It has its uses, but it doesn’t help with what Madamadam is asking about here. Oct 22, 2020 at 16:05

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