When I make a path in Inkscape and create an object (triangle), I can't seem to get it on the path I created. triangle and path

This is what I get after pattern along path: pattern along path

I never seem to get it on the path. Can anyone help me? I scaled the triangle before the pattern along path, when I don't change the dimensions of the triangle the pattern along path goes perfectly but I don't want an equilateral triangle.

Thanks for looking into my problem. original triangle on path


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I'm not sure where you are going wrong to be honest.

Anyway this is for the latest Inkscape 1.0. I'm going to do it using the new Path Effect named Pattern Along a Path

  1. Basically I drew a triangle, and copied it

  2. Selected the path I want to attach it to

  3. Applied the Pattern Along a Path effect, chose Link Path to Clipboard, and set it to Repeated and that's it.

enter image description here Click on the image to view larger

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