I'm new to illustrator.

When I try to shape certain objects for a 2D cartoon character like the nose, for example, I want it to make the outer part of a nose one color while the color of the inner part of the nose matches the skin.

Or if I make a triangle and color two sides of a triangle blue while making the remaining one side yellow. How do I that?

  • Split the path into 2 – joojaa Nov 15 '20 at 13:16
  • 2
    There may be ways to accomplish this with a single object, but it's sort of impossible to say without seeing a visual example. And any methods may be unique to a specific piece of work. – Scott Nov 15 '20 at 17:15
  • Hi. Welcome to GDSE. Can you show us an image demonstrating the problem, or what you have tried/what has failed. It's pretty hard to answer this without seeing how you've made it. – Billy Kerr Nov 15 '20 at 19:08

Each shape has it's own color in Illustrator.

You cannot apply 2 colors for different parts of the same shape/object.

In your case, to apply 2 colors, one side of the nose needs to be a separate shape/object from the other side of the nose.

  • 3 colors → 3 shapes
  • 10 colors → 10 shapes
  • 100 colors → 100 shapes

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