I'd like to draw an illustration in Procreate for iPad, and then export a time-lapse using the time-lapse feature. However, the time mapping is important: I'm drawing elements based on a video, and I would like to make the time-lapse and the video sync up.

If I understand correctly, Procreate's timelapse is not "to scale", when it comes to time: e.g. if for 20 seconds I hold my pen without doing anything, this gap will be skipped straight away, and it would last just as much as the 1-second gap between two strokes.

Is there a way to make a Procreate time-lapse true to the real time?

PS. I'm aware I could do screen recording, but Procreate's time lapse has the advantage of always showing the entire canvas 9regardless of my working zoom), and hiding all the user interface.

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