I am new to GIMP. Imported an image, selected the relevant part using scissor tool, created a new channel out of this selection but how to export it? Right clicking on the channel does not give an option to save or export, File > Export exports the whole original image and not the selection.


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The quickest for me was to select something, then Edit->Paste As->New Image, then export from that new image. It doesn't even have to become a new channel or layer along the way.

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    Thx, super. With your help I do: select -> ctr+c -> ctrl+shift+v -> ctrl+shit+e
    – Airenas
    Commented Sep 29, 2023 at 13:03

Select your required area

Invert Selection


Invert Selection (to re-select your desired area)

Image-> Crop to selection


Undo all above to return to original image

Repeat for each required area export

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