I'm working on a project in Photoshop in CMYK. I exported my rendered tif file in 2 image viewers and they don't look the same. Windows image viewer shows the same as in Photoshop but ACDSee shows different colors. I tried changing color profiles in ACDSee but it doesn't change anything after restarting the program and reloading the file. It still looks off.

I'm trying to understand why ACDSee is displaying the picture that way but in the end my only concern is how the file will look once printed and I really hope it will be like on the first two. How can I be sure of this?

enter image description here


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In order for any application to display CMYK color correctly, that application must support CMYK color profiles.

Nowhere on the ACDSee website is there any claim of CMYK support in the application. ACDSee appears to be an RGB-only environment.

A cursory web search appears to confirm this in ACDSee's own forums: https://forum.acdsee.com/forum/acdsee-pro/7942-acdsee-pro-8-dipslay-very-bad-cmyk-colors-for-psd-files

To this end, ACDSee is most probably ignoring any CMYK color profile. And ACDSee is not an application one should be using for designs destined for CMYK print production.

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