This is hard to explain, but I'll do it as best as I can. I have this vector graphic: It has a white background that I am seeking to remove. However it seems there is actually no white background. The background is black with a white mask over it, producing the shape below. How can I invert(?) the mask so that it is a shape instead of a mask, and that I can have a transparent background with a black shape? Any help greatly appreciated. The file is here if it is of any help. Thanks in advance! Berrely

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There's no actual mask in the SVG. The entire design is made of white filled objects, which are grouped, and placed over a black filled rectangle. Shortcuts below are for PC, for Mac use Command instead of Ctrl.

  1. Using the Selection Tool (V) select the graphic by clicking on a white area
  2. Ungroup (Shift+Ctrl+G)
  3. Do Object > Compound Path > Make (Ctrl+8)
  4. Select all (Ctrl+A)
  5. Open the Path Finder (Shift+Ctrl+F9) and hit the Minus Front button.

Enable the Transparency grid (Shift+Ctrl+D) to see it

enter image description here

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