With the Marquee selection tool, is there a way to move the selection area after moving the pixels?

For instance, the arrow keys will move the selection, while ctrl+arrow keys move the selected pixels... but using the arrow keys after using ctrl+arrow keys to move, will continue to move the pixels to my consternation, when I really want to move the selection area without moving pixels. Is there a way to fix this behavior?

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A workaround:

Have an empty layer. Select it in the Layers panel when you want to move the selection after moving selected pixels in the non-empty layer. Return to the non-empty layer when you want to continue moving pixels.


Choose Select > Transform Selection from the menu to edit the selection (including position) without altering the pixels within the selection. You can then use the arrow keys to nudge only the selection.

For me, I created a custom shortcut (Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts) for this menu item.... allowing it's use to be expedited since I use it often.


Experiment with Main Menu → Select → Save Selection and then after you do that other stuff, Load Selection.

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