I used older version of GIMP and I was able to do this: https://youtu.be/LeHdoQI8xME?t=207

Now with newer version of GIMP, I can't seem to figure how to do that again. I drew abstract image with brush, then select a gradient and color - map - gradient map and it turn the image to yellowish instead of what shown in the video.


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Colors > Map > Gradient Map works exactly the same in recent versions of GIMP as it did in older versions.

Make sure your image has a range of tones - from black to grey midtones, and bright highlights. A gradient map can only work properly on an image that has a good range of tones. It wont work well if all your brush strokes are 100% opacity. Also note that everything including the black background needs to be on one layer.

Here's an example (current stable release GIMP 2.10.22). I reduced the brush opacity to about 30%, then painted with different random brushes repeatedly. Then I did a final Levels adjustment to make sure it had a full range of tones.

Here's the levels adjustment I applied, to add more contrast, and below it I've shown the before and after.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Here's the before and after, using the "Incandescent" gradient for the gradient map.

enter image description here

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