I've been working on developing a card-based browser game, and I have to say graphic design isn't my forte.

This is what the user interface for the game looks like

enter image description here

I'm not too sure about the choice of colors for the various buttons and elements of the UI. Specifically, while I like the green portions and wooden background (although I'm open to suggestions on those as well), I would like some tips on how I could pick better suited colors for my interface.

Those greys are just... meh, in my opinion.

Here's a mockup page that you can play with modifying CSS (although the background is missing, sorry about that).

What colors could I use in place of those that better suit the other elements of the UI? Thank you.

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It looks pretty good to me- only thing, maybe darken all the wooden boards to match the ones around the red stack of face-down cards (or under the "dubito" button). That way there is more contrast with the emoji faces- the wood is just a bit too busy with the dark and light shades and is distracting (and I don't think that much shade variation is needed for a background element).


You are doing good work. The green and wood look nice.

The buttons could be simply transparent and black. Probably you could use a transparent white in some places.

One thin border could work in some preponderant sections.

enter image description here

One thing I should recommend is that you use open source emoji, do not use some proprietary ones so you do not have any problems. Here is one example: https://openmoji.org/library/#search=face

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