I have no experience with Tiff files so I am hopeful you will forgive me.

I am interested in trying to enlarge a print to canvas. The current Tiff file is 8205 x 5426px (27.4" X 18.3" @ 300 dpi).

Is there enough data in this file to double its size, 54.8" x 36.6"?

If so, once the dimensions have been added, would I simply save it in Photoshop as a Tiff file?

I have access to a Canon Pro 6000s 60" printer. My experience has been limited to smaller images so any guidance is appreciated.


Speaking empirically, as someone who frequently prints to canvas, those dimensions are good enough for your output size.

Upscaling will gain no real detail. Good upscaling algorithms will give an appearance of preserving detail, but in fact you really won't see much difference on a canvas print above about 150 dpi.

Your quoted size approximates to 120x90 cm. I often print to that kind of size from 6000x4000 images.

  • I am very grateful for your assistance. Thank you so much! God Bless you. Lorraine – Lorraine Jan 4 at 19:39

Yes, there is enough data on that file and you do not need even to resample it.

An output of 150ppi is almost imperceptible to differentiate from 300ppi on an inkjet-based print.

As you have access to a printer you can run an experiment yourself. Print a small file, probably a cropped section of the file you need to print just changing the resolution to 150ppi. Remember, do not resample the file, just change the dimensions.

  • This is wonderful information. I truly appreciate this. God Bless you! Lorraine – Lorraine Jan 4 at 19:39

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