I downloaded a font that is packaged as an EPS file but cannot figure how how to install the font into my OS or into Adobe Photoshop.

Is there an automated way to convert the EPS file into a format that can be installed directly into the OS (Windows/Mac)? I prefer a standalone software or online too, but have access to Adobe Illustrator as well if needed.


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In fact, that file is a string of live type with merely some appearance panel settings...

enter image description here

If you wish to apply the same Appearance to different text, you can create a Graphic Style and then reapply the appearance to other text strings. The actual font in use is your choice entirely.

The purpose of that file is not to provide a "font". It is to provide an "effect" or appearance to reuse.

I'd also point out that without the separate, background, rectangles that appearance for the type is much less impressive...

enter image description here

.... And, no, you can't create a "font" with the applied Appearance Panel fills.

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