enter image description here So, I have a weird illustrator problem, As shown in the picture above, the control line at blue arrow [B] is not lining up with the actual object despite the control line at the yellow arrow [A] is in line with the actual object. They're both the same object.

What I do to make this object :

  1. I use pen tool to create the stroke
  2. I outline the strokes
  3. The green arrow [C] originally a sharp corner and I intended to round it off, but it's too narrow so the option not available, what I ended up doing is, making a half a circle and merge it with pathfinder at that corner [C].
  4. When I tried to smooth it all out, I notice that the line at blue arrow [B] is not lining up, as if I use roughen effect despite the section at yellow arrow [A] is perfectly aligned.

I'm so confused.

What I already tried :

  1. Restarting Illustrator.
  2. Make new documents.
  3. Make new object but using the same stroke object.
  4. Modifying the stroke object to be smoother but after I outline it, the problem persist although not as noticeable.

I've been using Illustrator for more than a decade now and this is the first time I encountered this weird problem.

Can somebody help?

  • Turn off Align to Pixel Grid maybe? – Scott Jan 8 at 5:35
  • I already turned it off. No snapping of any kind, even smart guides is turned off. – Rakin Fatahillah Jan 8 at 5:38
  • Hi. Welcome to GDSE. Check the Appearance panel. Are there any effects added? – Billy Kerr Jan 8 at 13:16
  • Hi, thank you. Hmm, not that I can see. It's really weird. – Rakin Fatahillah Jan 9 at 0:38

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