I'd like to know how do I add a text below the Powerpoint slides, something similar to what is added to every presentation here:


I mean this text: enter image description here

How can I add it to my presos? I checked in Master slide, but it's not there... not editable at all.

enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here


  • It's simply a footer.... Check Powerpoint Help files – Scott Jan 8 at 22:35
  • It is not. If I add a footer to those slides, the footer gets atted into the slide, not after the slide – Pikk Jan 8 at 22:37
  • What do you mean "after the slide". A slide is a slide... there is no "after" there's just the next slide. Or.... are you printing Notes or Handouts? Those have separate footers. Please check the link I posted and all the topics it lists. – Scott Jan 8 at 22:40
  • you are talking about the footer. I am talking about what is after the slide. I will update now the original question with a screenshot of the footer you talk about, and you can see it is in the slide. What I talk about is after the slide. – Pikk Jan 8 at 22:43
  • Again... there is no "after the slide" -- It does NOT exist. The ONLY times there may be an image of a slide with content outside that image is if one is viewing Notes or Handouts... in which case they have they own footers. And again.. READ the link I posted initially. Specifically.. THIS and THIS – Scott Jan 8 at 22:46

It is probably a background image.

The text not editable, because it is not the “true” text, but only a part of the image.

So if you want to reach a similar effect, edit your background image in some image editor to insert your “unchangeable text” directly into it.

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