I have recently acquired a kegerator, I'm not a brewer, I just drink a LOT of beer, domestic beer. I have made a tap handle that has 1 5/8" long molded hollow resin cylinder at the top that I was trying to create a label to attach so it would look like a tiny can version of my favorite beer. The research I've done has only given me results for digital 3d renderings or how to design a label from scratch....I need to take artwork and stretch it into a 5 3/4" long printable design. Thought I could handle it, but it is WAY out of my wheelhouse...any help from you photoshop or illustrator pros taphandlewould be much appreciated....thx

  • You'll probably want to add more details on what you want. To me this photo doesn't help to explain the form, it's unckear what are the design dimensions, etc etc – Sergey Kritskiy Jan 10 at 8:18
  • Hi. Welcome to GDSE. Your question is difficult to answer as it stands, and needs more details. What artwork? Can you show us the artwork? What file format is the artwork, is it raster, or vector? What size do you want it to be: what width, what height? When you say "stretch it" what exactly do you mean? Please edit your question and add more information. Thanks. – Billy Kerr Jan 10 at 11:35
  • Not certain what is meant by "stretch".. stretch what image? In most instances artwork isn't "stretched" to fit something, it's created at the proper dimensions. – Scott Jan 10 at 18:26

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