Say I've got a master page with a text box on it, and in that text box I have the text "cat." I color the text black. I then apply this master to a basic document page, allow overrides on that page's local instance of that text box by Ctrl+Shift+clicking it, and then change the text color to blue. Now if I go back to my master page layout and change the text from "cat" to "dog," and then I go back to my local page (where I'd previously re-colored the text blue), the text is still "cat"; it hasn't been updated to "dog."

Is there a way to allow local overrides to text style, but maintain the live link back to the actual master page text box content? I could've sworn InDesign used to do this back in the day. Are there options / toggles for this sort of thing somewhere?

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No way to achieve that.

Once you use CTRL+SHIFT+Click on the text box, it becomes detached from the master information and literally moves to the page.

At that point, on that specific page, the master is no longer pushing a text box, and there is no "live" update. You can re-apply the master, in which case your overrides are cancelled and the page goes back to mirror the master page.

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