I'm trying to create strokes with a Wacom Intuos tablet but the brush size falloff seems to be completely broken. Despite diameter control set to “pen pressure” and minimum diameter to 0 I still can't achieve sharp strokes.

Just to clarify that the issue is not with my tablet, here's a comparison between any other illustration soft (left) and Photoshop 2020 (right): enter image description here

For some reason, it seems like falloff in Photoshop never reaches 0, even though settings specify it. Reinstalling didn't do much. Any ideas?

Hopefully a bump. I tried reinstalling Photoshop, and Wacom drivers multiple time with no results. I'd like to mention once again that the issue is not with the tablet as Photoshop uses default preset. In fact, Photoshop refuses to use its own preset and ignores it whenever I try to add it, instead using action keys and pressure settings from default.

  • You sure it's not an issue with the tablet... seeing as the tablet itself can have individual application settings. I can easily set the tablet to use a soft touch in AI and a firm touch in PS... all in the tablet preferences...
    – Scott
    Jan 14 at 21:41
  • "Photoshop refuses to use its own preset and ignores" what are you talking about? Nothing is broken, you have to find a balance of tablet settings and a driver that suits your needs (windows ink vs wintab) Jan 26 at 19:33

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