I am designing a PowerPoint template for a data report. I am more or less happy with the layout of the elements and unity of elements, but even after a few days I still not sure about the weight of certain areas of the page. Specifically the right-hand side text box has a triangle that takes up a lot of the weight of the composition. See below:

enter image description here

I initially tried to diagonally align the text, and that helped a bit, but ultimately not a solution because it's not scalable: need to be able to just insert a vanilla text box, not have a new text box for each line.


Weight is just one of my personal observations, but with this post I simply aim to invite broad critique of the design.

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Before reading the question I thought that the only thing I would adjust is the right margin on the upper dark blue trapezoid's text. And actually, that is what IMHO solves partially your problem.

enter image description here

But you can lower the weight of that element by adding a ribbon for example.

enter image description here

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