Is it possible to remove the black from an image like this in Photoshop so it is only white but respect the transparency? I am aware that a Screen blending mode would give this effect but I need to completely remove the background and import it in another program as a png with no background.

enter image description here

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If you need to save/export an image with only the white and transparency...

  • Select > Select All
  • Edit > Copy
  • Fill the layer with white (trust me)
  • Add a Layer Mask to the layer
  • In the Channels Panel (Window > Channels), Turn on visibility and highlight the mask channel
  • Edit > Paste
    (As seen in the animation below, if you fail to turn on visibility for the mask channel the "paste" will create a new layer.)
  • Click the Layer thumbnail in the Layers Panel

enter image description here

Save and you should have white with transparency.
(Additional layer added in animation simply so things are visible.)

For internal editing in Photoshop ---
(I realize you mentioned this in the question. Simply being complete.)

Change the Blending Mode to Screen and only the white will show on layers below.

enter image description here

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