I have two compound paths. If i use pathfinder > unite, it combines them but it fills everything with one color. If i use pathfinder > merge, it gets the job done but in the layers it slices up the artwork in into many small pieces. How can i merge so that 2 compound paths turn into one path? Or at the very least not slice them up into million pieces?

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    It would be good if you could give more info or a screenshot of your project. What are you trying to accomplish ? It seems that 2 separate objects is about the simplest form of them you can get. If you make them one object then yes, the 2 different colors does not work. If you merge them you end up with more pieces. If you need them as one piece to move around or manipulate or add effects to- then simply group them. – Kyle Jan 20 at 4:47
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    It reads kind of like you want one compound path with multiple, varied, fills. That's not possible... kind of need to see some iamges. – Scott Jan 20 at 6:39
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    Use should use groups. – joojaa Jan 20 at 7:29

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