While working I’ll more than often just place documents as smart objects. Then I’ll end up with a colossal file size. I want to go into the smart objects and reduce its image size but consequently the parent psd will change the layer size of that smart object. I also don’t want to resterize those layers.

before smart object size before smart object size after after

  • What happens if after you change the resolution, you update the width and height to the size of the previous resolution, (i.e, 12487 x 12000)?
    – nocturns2
    Jan 20, 2021 at 16:20

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If you change the size of a Smart Object (embedded or linked) by changing the Resolution the size in the parent document should be unaltered.

If you on the other hand change the size by changing the Width or Height it will also change the size in the parent document.

(The same principle applies to images placed in InDesign by the way.)

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