I've been using Fireworks for a long time as a recreational user but now I'm moving to Illustrator, so please bear with me.

I have this simple image with several shapes. I want to "convert" each of these shapes into a path and then change the color fill and the size of each path. The end-result would be 6 separate paths that I can play with.

I found this How to convert an object into individual paths in Illustrator?), but I don't know what tracing is.

With Fireworks I only had to use the Magic Wand , right-click, and "Convert to Path".

Is Illustrator the appropriate tool for this?

enter image description here


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  1. Copy and paste or place the raster image into Illustrator.

  2. Select the graphic with the Selection Tool (V), the first black arrow icon in the toolbar.

  3. Hit the *Live Trace * (formerly Image Trace) button in the tool options along the top, then open the Image Trace settings

  4. Set the mode to Color, then set the number of colours you want; 6 would be suitable for this graphic. In the Advanced options check the option "Ignore White". Then close the Image Trace settings dialog.

  5. Hit the Expand button.

  6. Ungroup the graphic. Now you can select and move the pieces, or change the fill colour.

enter image description here

If you want to make one of the rectangle shapes thicker, use Effect > Path > Offset Path

enter image description here


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