Got a 50-page INDD presentation, added some bookmarks, which went fine.

But then I need to edit some of the bookmarks, and make them link to other pages. To my surprise, there is no "Edit" option in the Bookmarks panel.

Am I missing something, or is there really no way to edit existing bookmarks ?

  • Are you linking directly to text and creating a new bookmark or using paragraph styles to create a table of contents? I do not think there is an edit bookmark option in the bookmark panel.
    – AndrewH
    Jan 23 at 17:09
  • Most of these are generated with the TOC feature, then, I added a few manually, but on the wrong pages, and now struggling to fix that, after already reshuffling and grouping with the ones added via TOC.
    – Lucian
    Jan 23 at 17:12
  • mhmm, I am not sure how to edit a manually linked bookmark without needing to re-create it. If you physically move the selected text to another page, the bookmark will update.
    – AndrewH
    Jan 23 at 17:16
  • 1
    Yeah, I can't figure out why they didn't make these editable. I can still fix this in Acrobat, which has all this stuff, but that's just a workaround...
    – Lucian
    Jan 23 at 17:20
  • 2
    Maybe helpful?? creativepro.com/files/kahrel/indesign/text_anchors.html
    – Scott
    Jan 23 at 22:18

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