Say I am using Microsoft Word 2003 on Windows 10 Pro. Windows or perhaps Word (I am not sure which, but in any case they both originate from Microsoft) came bundled with several fonts in the Times type family. Although I have not actually found a copy of the licence, I suspect Microsoft allows me to

  • use Word to write documents in Times
  • "print" them as .pdfs, and
  • send them to whoever I like (i.e. "publish" them).

My question is this: is it OK if I

  • open a Times .ttf file in FontForge
  • modify it by increasing the weight by say 10%
  • print out some .pdfs, and then
  • publish a book using those .pdfs (either an e-book put together from those .pdfs, or a hardcopy book that uses them as the camera-ready copy)

...just so long as I don't embed the modified font in any software I distribute or indeed make it available to anybody in .ttf or any other kind of standalone form? Just to be even clearer: the idea is that no copy of the modified font will ever leave the laptop that I have licences to run Windows and Word on, except for the backup I will keep on a flash drive.

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    Legal questions are off-topic here. Sorry about that. Ask your lawyer.
    – Billy Kerr
    Jan 23 at 19:03
  • There's a legal tag, with 167 questions so far.
    – ruffle
    Jan 23 at 19:07
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    Just because a tag exists, and some questions have been answered in the past and not closed doesn't make asking for legal advice on-topic. I answered one of these questions you linked to, but there's a disclaimer that it isn't legal advice. To be honest, if you reword this question so it's not a blatant request for legal advice, then it might be more acceptable.
    – Billy Kerr
    Jan 23 at 19:22
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    @Billy - Many thanks for this. I think you're right. I checked with a font I made completely from scratch (not in breach of any licence) and then used in some .pdfs I printed using PDFCreator and in fact it is embedded in them. I personally don't know how to extract a .ttf from a .pdf but presumably some people do. Therefore for the Times-like project instead of using Times I will follow your advice and use something like Doulos or some other font distributed under the SIL OFL and hack it to my heart's content, always keeping to the terms of the OFL.
    – ruffle
    Jan 23 at 20:07
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    Traditionally if a font does not have the weight I want, my thought is not to alter the actual font files, but to find a font which does have the weights (and perhaps glyphs) I need.
    – Scott
    Jan 23 at 22:02

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