I have been working with Adobe Illustrator for quite a while and I've never encountered this problem. When I pick a color the Color Picker shows the right values, but the color displayed in the artboard is different.

Color selected is #8C8890 but is displayed as #9E9AA1

I'm working on RGB mode and have all my settings in sRGB mode. I have tried changing the View Mode to CPU, I have recalibrated my display, but nothing seems to work. This just affects how colours are displayed and not the actual file and colours in it.

  • It really looks the same color to me- try putting a black or dark gray rectangle behind your selected square and it may appear better to you ? – Kyle Jan 24 at 1:31
  • They may look the same, but they're not. The color is #8C8890 but is displayed on the left as #9E9AA1 – Æanh Jan 24 at 2:32
  • OK- I cannot see that in your screen shot- I tried it in and both in the color picker and the color panel when I selected the rectangle read the same- 8C8890- best of luck to you... – Kyle Jan 24 at 3:45
  • I checked your screenshot in Illustrator, and Photoshop, and also with my screen colour picker software. All agree the square is 9E9AA1, but the colour shown in your colour picker is 8C8890. So I tried to replicate the problem in Illustrator but was unable to do so. A square that is filled with 8C8890 displays the correct colour, both in Illustrator, and when exported as PNG, viewed in a browser, and checked with my colour picker. – Billy Kerr Jan 24 at 8:07
  • 1
    @Tetsujin it may be. I didn't delve too deeply when they mentioned it. The devs point was using the picker may not be as accurate as using the color panel because the panel will use AI color prefs whereas the picker may be using the OS color prefs. – Scott Jan 24 at 23:35

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