I'm trying to find an icon pack that is designed as strokes only, not fills. As in, when I open it in Illustrator, I should be able to change the stroke weight and color, not the fill color.

I have a decent pack of like 1000 icons that are designed this way, but trying to find more that work with my client materials. Is this a figment of my imagination? Every icon pack I download (tried envato elements, Flaticon, freepik, Dribbble...everywhere) I open the files and the icons that look like lineal-only are really filled shapes.

What keywords should I be using? Why can't I find this? I need to be able to just select all icons in my doc and give them a consistent stroke weight.

I'm working in Illustrator and InDesign. Also, I can't find the source of my current line-only pack.

  • Hi. Welcome to GDSE. Converting strokes to paths with fills a very common thing to find in icon packs, perhaps because it helps prevent people from being able to easily modify them, and redistribute or sell them. That's probably why you are having difficulty finding them. One possible solution would be to redraw the icon, assuming that you are not violating any copyrights, or in Illustrator you could always apply an negative offset to thin the lines.
    – Billy Kerr
    Jan 30 at 13:00
  • Thank you for the reply. That make sense regarding author control over the output. I can definitely modify existing icons (that I've licensed) but when I work with high volume, it becomes unrealistic to modify so many all the time. Maybe the crux of my problem is that I've become dependent on this stroke-only set as my core library.
    – KimKimKim
    Jan 31 at 17:16

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