I have a jpeg image, when only crop it, it cannot be directly saved (Delete Cropped Pixels checked). There was a jpeg option panel opened and let me choose quality...etc. It is annoying when I want to crop images in batch. Also, the size goes even three times larger than the original when choosing the best quality...
How I can save the jpeg image directly, without this option panel? Or some other Apps recommend that can crop images in batch? (The same behavior that setup an action before...) Cropping png don't have this problem in PS though. I remember back in Photoshop cs5, it is also not a problem.

  • You can create an Action with specific SaveForWeb or SaveAs settings and use it for batching: manually or with Automate > Batch command. This way the settings window won’t appear Jan 31 '21 at 9:17
  • You can also set this action to preserve file names etc. I had a QA where I needed to learn how to do this. The answer is quite complex but you can just copy/paste & change the relevant parts. - graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/134483/… - This has been an absolute boon to my workflow ever since.
    – Tetsujin
    Jan 31 '21 at 12:13

When using the Crop Tool, be certain Delete Cropped Pixels is checked in the control bar across the top of the screen.

enter image description here

If cropped pixels are deleted you should be able to simply save the jpg.

BE AWARE JPG is a lossy format, which means... saving a jpg as a jpg reduces image quality in all instances.

If the Delete Cropped Pixels option is unchecked the layer gets unlocked and you introduce transparency, which is unsupported in the jpg format, causing the jpg options dialog to appear when saving.

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