I have two images showing a hand and a geometrical shape. I want to make sure that the brightness and contrast are the same (equal) inside the objects and if they are not to equalise them. The background is transparent for both Thank you

enter image description here

  • Welcome on GD.SE, Tommaso, can you be more specific please? It is difficult to define the brightness or contrast measure of a whole image. Are you meaning a process like this? Have you tried to compare the histograms of the images? Can you tell us something more about your efforts? – Paolo Gibellini Feb 1 at 16:50
  • Have you tried looking at the histogram on each image? Make sure they're in separate files. – AndrewH Feb 1 at 17:09
  • The image on the left has little or no contrast in comparison to the one on the right. How can I tell, because contrast means the clear differentiation between the shadow and highlight areas of a photograph. – Billy Kerr Feb 2 at 13:17

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