I'm working with an icon set where some icons have "holes" that are created by setting a white object over a dark one.
For my purposes, I want these areas to be actually transparent, so I think I need to cut out the inner shape from the outer shape.

As an example:
The white circle in the image below looks like a transparent area since it has the color of the background. It's actually just filled white.
If I were to make it transparent, you'd just see black.
What's the way to make this area transparent without changing the structure?

enter image description here

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  1. Select both the black shape, and the white shape.

  2. Do Path > Difference

  3. If you want to see the transparency/checkerboard do File > Document Properties, and select the "Checkerboard Background" option. The object is still transparent whether you switch on the Checkerboard or not.


enter image description here


You can also use the command combine from the path menu as shown: enter image description herecreate the two shapes;

enter image description here Put the circle behind the square; enter image description here select both the shapes enter image description here use combine from the path menu

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