I'm trying to use Adobe Acrobat to convert several images taken with my phone to a pdf document for ease of sharing. enter image description here

I have selected the "Smaller File Size" option from Acrobat's Combine Files tool. enter image description here

But after converting the pages come out to be outrageously large, way too large to display usefully on the web interface where I'm trying to share this information. I tried printing to a pdf to force a letter paper size, but then the file size spiked from 3 KB to 2 MB. This seems like such an obvious problem, I can't believe that Adobe wouldn't have a solution here. Can someone help me out? enter image description here

  • "the web interface where I'm trying to share this information" I do not understand why you need to "convert" to PDF, a native format for the web is JPG, not PDF. a PDF is only a container with the image inside. – Rafael Feb 2 at 12:28
  • And I am assuming when you refer to "size" you really mean "weight" aka Kilobytes or Megabytes, not A4 or letter, right? – Rafael Feb 2 at 12:30
  • 2 MB is not especially excessive for a PDF containing several page-sized photographs/scans. Not sure if there really is a problem here. What size are the originals in KB/MB? – Billy Kerr Feb 2 at 13:59

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