I want to select objects on a particular artboard using Select —> Same command (Stroke Weight in my case).

How can I do that?

Adobe Illustrator CC 2021.


As far as I'm aware, it's not possible to limit Select > Same to a specific artboard.

However, you can lock everything else first.

There is a somewhat hidden shortcut....

  • Select all objects on the artboard you want to use
  • Hold the Command/Ctrl+Option/Alt+Shift keys and hit the 2.
    This command will "lock others", i.e. anything not selected.
    Basically, it's the standard lock shortcut with Shift added.
  • Use the Select > Same and it will not select the (other) locked objects.
  • When done, merely unlock in the traditional manner -
    Command/Ctrl+Option/Alt+2 e.g. Object > Unlock All.

If you have a layer structure, it's also possible to merely lock the layers you do not want the select command to use.

Note, adding Shift to the Hide shortcut works the same way for "Hide Others".

  • Thanks, with the hidden lock shortcut the workaround is pretty quick and usable. – danissimo Feb 3 at 8:29

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