I have a basic square shape and I want to apply the SPATTER effect under Effects Gallery. After applying the effect, I realized it adds a color to the SPATTER applied, while I would like that SPATTER to be Transparent (i.e. removing color from my shape).

See below photos.


enter image description here


enter image description here

I would like to have that SPATTER effect transparent so my background can be visible.

Any idea?


Unfortunately the items listed under "Photoshop Effects" are applied raster effects and must have a background. They can't be created without the auto-generated background. So, what can one do? Create the effect where the use of white doesn't matter or means "transparent" -- such as on a mask.

Apply the effect to an Opacity Mask rather than the object itself.

  • Select the rectangle
  • Edit > Copy
  • Click the Make Mask button on the Transparency Panel.
    This will create a little mask thumbnail on the panel.
  • Click the Mask Thumbnail on the Transparency Panel
  • Edit > Paste in Front This will paste the rectangle in the same position on the mask
  • Fill the pasted rectangle with the Registration color from the Swatch Panel. This is a mask so you want the rectangle to use all the colors. This is about the only time you'd ever use the Registration swatch for artwork.
  • Now apply the Spatter effect to this rectangle on the mask.
  • When applied, you may need to click the Invert Mask option on the Transparency Panel
  • Click the artwork thumbnail on the Transparency Panel to go back to editing artwork.
  • To edit the mask again in the future, you must click the mask thumbnail on the Transparency Panel

enter image description here

(Yellow added so transparency can be seen.)

Be aware: This is sill a raster effect. It is merely now on a mask rather on the object itself. You'll want to ensure the Effect > Document Raster Effects Settings is appropriately set before any output.

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